Northfield Prayer Room


The Vision:

A Multi-Organizational center for night and day prayer, training, sending, and gathering for New England and the Nations in partnership with the Moody Center


Current Expression:

8-hours of weekly prayer with worship and  monthly Ignite meetings (second Friday). 



Monday: noon-2pm

Tuesday: 6-8pm

Thursday: noon-2

Friday: 8am-10am

Ignite Meetings: 2nd Fridays from 7-9pm


DL Moody Homestead

225 Main St

Northfield MA 01360


Update on the Northfield Prayer Room 6/15/18


Over the past several years, the NE Alliance has had a special connection to the D.L. Moody Campus in Northfield, Massachusetts, a historic place of gathering for the people of God for instruction, refreshment and release of young missions workers into effective Kingdom service.


A modest, local ministry team has maintained a resolute vision to raise up an actual House of Prayer on the campus; a place that would serve hungry seekers of God from around New England and beyond. The prayer center would function as a symbol of the restoration of Jesus’ worthiness and honor. It would be foundational to a future network of campus based ministries devoted to training young missions workers who would engage in the great end times harvest of souls preparatory to Jesus’ return.


We stand in awe and amazement at the new chapter that now unfolds before us. The Northfield Prayer Room (NPR), for lack of an official name yet, has been functioning on campus since October 2017 on a minimal basis of 4 hours per week of intercession and worship going up to God. We have been faithful with the trust given to us and recently, The Moody Center has decided to relocate the Prayer Room into the Moody Homestead where D.L. Moody lived for the later part of his life.


The Moody Homestead was dedicated as the closing act of the 2018 10 Days of Prayer Summit on Fri. May 25th, 2018. It was a moving experience to be part of a contingent of devoted Christian people to physically lay hands on the exterior of the front door of the Moody Homestead in prophetic prayer, to dedicate the use of it for this next season to the noble cause of national awakening.


We are happy to report the NPR is being staffed by singers, musicians and intercessors 8 hours per week. The two hour meetings, every M-T-Th-Fri have been distinctly marked by an undeniable, manifest presence of God. More volunteers have and are moving here as a firstfruits of what God is wanting to do. We share this to encourage you but also for you ask the Lord if He may have you play a part in this work. We are currently needing resources, people, housing for interns, and funding for prayer workers, which will enable us to effectively establish this ministry to be all that God has destined for it to be. One question remains . . .might you possibly be the answer to our prayers for help at this time?


--David Sparkowich, Team Leader NPR