New England Evangelism Strategy


New England Evangelism Strategy Introduction: 2018-2020

New England is one of the least churched regions of America.  And yet, historically New England is the birthplace of revival, awakening, mission, and justice movements that have blessed the entire world.  What would happen if every believer in New England led one person to Christ in the next two years?  The reputation of our region and the course of our nation would be radically changed if the church would unite to share the love of Jesus Christ with our neighbors and friends.

We sense that God is doing something special in New England leading up to the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims landing in 2020, and following on years of prayer and growing in a sense of unity as the Body of Christ.

  • We sense that we are in a season of God's Favor—a thaw has come to our region and there is need for concerted, bold action from the Body of Christ.

  • We all want to see God move in wide-spread revival and awakening in New England, affecting every sphere of society.

  • With God's blessing, a simple, sustained and multi-faceted effort of Evangelism starting in the fall of 2018 through the 400th Anniversary in 2020 could help turn the tide.


We Propose: A regional Evangelism focus leading up to 2020

How it Works: Sign-up your church, ministry, or network on this website.  

By signing-up you are agreeing to participate with believers in the 40 Days of Love throughout New England and also to focus on reaching the lost in your own setting.

We will provide resources and materials on the website that can be printed and shared as well as access to other corporate training and mobilization events.


40 Days of Love

40 Days of Love is 10 Days of Prayer (city-by-city) plus 30 days of evangelism (September 9-19, Sept 20-October 18 2018).  The 40 Days of Love includes the "Each one Reach one" strategy.  We are asking every believer to intentionally pray for 10 unbelievers during and then to have a gospel conversation with them during the 40 Days of Love.


A Multi-Faceted focus on Evangelism

Along with the 40 Days of Love, we envision a decentralized and multi-faceted explosion of evangelism and gospel proclamation. We want to encourage a focus on evangelism, proclamation, church planting and discipleship, and missions and evangelism training throughout our region however the Lord leads you.  

  • Major events with nationally known evangelists

  • Prayer Support through existing prayer networks

  • Bilboards

  • Gospel Conversations strategy

  • Equipping events for Evangelism

  • College and high school outreach and bible clubs

  • Evangelism Conferences, trainings, schools

  • Preaching on Evangelism and Discipleship from every pulpit

  • Street, door to door, friendship, power evangelism, etc.

  • Discipleship, Build Intl discipleship groups, E3Partners methodology, etc.

  • Alpha NE

  • A United Church Planting Track--a NE Cohort focused on church planting, discipleship, etc

  • Regional Festival Style Evangelistic Events