10 Days of Prayer


Schedule for 10 Days Northfield 2018

Sunday, September 9th

·       4:00-5:30  Arrival and Registration

·       7:00-9:00  Evening Session


                             Worship, Prayer, Communion

Monday, September 10th  ~ Wednesday, September 19th

Our vision for 10-Days is a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led time. The following is a basic breakdown of meal times and sessions, which will include speakers, fellowship, and free time.

·       7:30 a.m.             Breakfast

·       9 a.m.-Noon       Morning Session

·       Noon-1:30          Lunch

·       2-5 p.m.              Afternoon Session

·       5:30-6:30            Dinner

·       7-9 p.m.              Evening Worship and Prayer

                             Worship, Prayer, Communion

Thursday, September 20th ~ Restore & Revive Begins!

·       7:30                     Light Breakfast

·       9am                    Set Up for Restore and Revive Begins!

10 Days

10 Days is a global movement of city-wide Churches seeking God together during the Days of Awe (September 9-19, 2018)


City Expressions Throughout New England

As a movement that has grown-up in New England, there are expressions of 10 Days happening all over through many of our partner networks and friends (See 10days.net for a complete list of locations).  These gatherings are all organized and implemented locally.  If you'd like to see 10 Days in your region, you can find out more here!


Destination Gatherings: Northfield and Bridgeport  

In addition to many city-wide gatherings, we have two destination gatherings in Northfield, MA and Bridgeport, CT.  

The Northfield Gathering is in a rural, retreat context while the Bridgeport gathering is in an urban, inner city context.  For both, we encourage people to come from outside in order to experience what happens when believers in Jesus "join the global upper room" and seek His face for 10 entire days!  Warning: this is an invitation to an experience that will leave you forever changed.  There's a strong possibility you'll be ruined for life as you have known it to this point.  Enter at your own risk.

Learn more about 10 Days at 10days.net