We Will Go! (October 17-19) This Year’s Fall Event is Totally New: Here's Why.

Our main event this fall is moving from rural Northfield to urban Boston, from a beautiful retreat to an area of the city of Boston known as the "Methadone Mile" which is the symbolic heart of some of the deepest problems that Boston and our entire region are facing.

From “Restore and Revive”, with a focus on breathing fresh life into the Church, we are shifting towards “We Will Go!”, a declaration of our intention to bring the gospel outside to our beloved New England.

As the New England Alliance, we've sensed a renewed emphasis on the need for Evangelism and Gospel witness in this season. This sense from the Lord has been confirmed, among other moments, at our "Open the Gates" gathering in March of 2018. As a reflection of that, our keynote speakers this fall, Chris Overstreet and Andrew Chalmers (see bios below) are both gifted evangelists.

To reach the lost, we need to be where the people are--so we're hosting an event in the heart of Boston with anticipating a time of equipping and empowerment that will release many of us into new levels of ministry and give us a new passion for souls!

We have also moved the event from the end of 10 Days to coincide with a sister national prayer movement, Awaken the Dawn/Tent America. There are several reasons for the move:

First, we wanted to align with and honor what we see as another God-breathed prayer movement, Awaken the Dawn.

Second, the themes of Awaken the Dawn, rooted in the Feast of Tabernacles, are more celebratory, and more given to our desired emphasis on a "family reunion" and celebration as the New England church than the themes of 10 Days.

Finally, Tabernacles also is a feast about the harvest--given our focus on stirring up evangelism in New England this fall, it seemed like the proper timing to honor God and honor our national partners.