Restore & Revive 2018 Overview


Restore and Revive 2018

A New England Convocation at the Moody Center, Sept 20-23 2018

It’s a privilege to announce Restore and Revive 2018 at the Northfield Campus (Sept 20 evening-23 evening).  R&R will be preceded by 10 Days of Prayer at Northfield and in over 15 locations around the region from Sept 9-19.

Last year’s Restore and Revive gathering surprised and delighted all those who attended, exceeding our wildest dreams.  Seeing the Moody Auditorium filled nearly to capacity with passionate worshippers was absolutely incredible, and that wasn’t even the best part.  There was such a sweet spirit of unity and freedom.  Many professed faith in Christ for the first time, and there was a major focus on evangelism in the main sessions.  On the drive home, people began sharing their faith and people made professions of faith in Jesus Christ in restaurants and even outside of Jonathan Edward’s church in Northampton.

As many described it, Restore and Revive was a taste of Heaven on earth. In the 1880’s and 90’s, Moody’s contemporaries described Northfield as “Heaven on Earth”.  The fact that that is once again being said again after all these years is nothing short of a miracle and is a sign of what God is doing in New England.  We are beginning to see a significant move of God to both Restore and Revive the church of New England before our eyes!


Themes for 2018

This year, 10 Days and Restore and Revive will serve as the kick-off for a regional, 2 year focus on evangelism.  We believe that God is inviting us, as His people in New England, to enter into a time of His favor and a season of harvest leading up to 2020 and the 400th anniversary celebration of the Pilgrim’s landing.  Themes for this year include:

  • "N.E. Evangelism Launch" on Sunday, September 23

  • "Activate the Dream" on Saturday, September 22, focused on Racial Reconciliation and becoming the "Beloved Community" composed of "every tribe, tongue, and nation".

  • Historical Themes include the Second Great Awakening, the Abolitionist movement, and the legacy of the Student Volunteer Movement.

We believe that God’s Holy Spirit is bringing together a set of meetings which will not only honor what God has done in New England and Northfield in the past, but also will help open the way for a new work.

Restore and Revive is set amongst the fall feast days each year. It is the culmination of the 10 Days of Prayer being held from September 9-19 in venues across New England and around the world, including the Northfield Campus.  The 10 Days of Prayer (from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur) are a yearly cycle of God calling his Church to repentance, fasting and mourning. Restore and Revive is also purposefully and prophetically connected to the Feast of Tabernacles (feast of the ingathering) as it relates to the great end-time harvest and the Lord’s return. We expect that many will participate in 10 Days in their own city before joining us in Northfield for Restore and Revive. Many also will continue on with Awaken The Dawn (September 27-29).

Guest speakers include Randy Clark, Chuck Pierce, Paul Jehle, Clive Calver, Grant Berry, Jonathan Thomas, Curtis Sergent, Seong Hyun Park, and many amazing workshops.

In addition to the personal inspiration and anointing we expect participants to receive, we look forward to working with the Moody Center to see how God will use our special time apart at Northfield to bring forth life and abundance to the church-at-large, and to a waiting world.


Northfield: A Brief word on the History and Legacy

The Northfield Campus is a significant site of Christian endeavor in the rich spiritual history of New England. Internationally acclaimed evangelist D. L. Moody’s example inspired many 20th century evangelists. Indeed, Billy Graham’s own conversion is directly connected to Moody’s ministry, through the line of evangelists J. Wilbur Chapman, Billy Sunday and Mordecai Ham.

Along with his hunger to save souls, Moody was passionate for education, and for bringing the Body of Christ together to pursue God and impact the wider world. Although well known for his work in Chicago, where he founded the Moody Bible Institute, Moody also held dear his native New England, and returned to Northfield for the last 30 years of his life. There he founded two schools for under-served local youth — Northfield Seminary for Young Ladies (later Northfield School for Girls) and Mount Hermon School for Boys.

During the summer months, the Northfield Conferences featured well known speakers and teachers filled with Holy Spirit zeal, drawing Christians from many denominations all over New England to fellowship and worship together, and producing loving unity of the church in mission together. These summer conferences also sparked the Student Volunteer Missions (SVM) movement, which profoundly affected colleges and universities along the Eastern seaboard, resulting in thousands of conversions and commitments to missionary work, and eventually giving rise to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.