Letter of Invitation to Restore and Revive!

Letter of Invitation to Restore and Revive

Pastor Roberto Miranda, Congregation Leon de Juda

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Dear New England Friends,

Once more, it is time to call together the New England Christian family to attend the gatherings taking place in Northfield, Massachusetts on September 20-23, 2018.

During last year's Restore and Revive event, the Lord surprised and delighted us with days of inspired teaching, impartation, worship, and prophetic instruction. We all left those extraordinary meetings with a clear sense that God had indeed visited us, more convinced than ever that the days of New England being a spiritual desert are long gone, and that the Holy Spirit is brooding over this region, preparing it for a powerful visitation and a harvest of souls.

We're all clear that this is in great part a result of passionate, continual prayer that has been elevated on behalf of this region for many years by faithful, committed individuals from all over the region.

We continue to see people arrive from different parts of the nation and even the world, feeling specifically called to this region, in preparation for a great revival that will take place here in New England in the future. We need to continue pressing into these prophetic promises until we see them fully realized. This requires a sense of sober, principled commitment and sustained obedience on our part.

We need to support initiatives such as Restore and Revive simply because they reflect God's heart for unity and concerted action on the part of His people in this region. This is not the time for actions based on emotion or personal convenience. At such a time as this, we are required to act on principle and discipline, not just a celebrity orientation or a search for merely emotional experience. We need to put our effort and participation into initiatives that incorporate a vision for prayer, cultivation of the power of the Holy Spirit, a Kingdom outlook, and a passion for souls. We are certain that Restore and Revive incarnates such a vision.

I believe we should all make an extra effort to attend, not just for the spiritual benefit that we will personally obtain, but also because through our attendance and enthusiastic support we will be ensuring the success of a regional, multi-ministry effort that promises to take the spiritual temperature of New England to a new level. It would be an extraordinary encouragement to the regional Church if this effort is a resounding success.

Please contribute not only by attending, but also by enthusiastically letting others know of this event and encouraging them to attend.

I firmly believe Restore and Revive is a gathering for such a time as this. I look forward to rejoicing with you at Northfield this September 20-23. Please visit www.newenglandalliance.net for registration information and to learn more about Restore and Revive.  Pray for the success and impact of this effort!  May God bless you richly.


Roberto Miranda



For Schedule, Registration, and more information please visit  www.newenglandalliance.net

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For questions, please contact Janea at neallianceinfo@gmail.com

Jonathan Friz